What to do in Granada. Sierra Nevada

In the province of Granada and Almeria we can find one of the most interesting mountains of the Iberian Peninsula: Sierra Nevada. Every traveler who wonders what to do in Granada has to, at least, take a look to this mountains!


This name, perhaps a bit generic, is the one that was started being used back in the eighteenth century, recently especially if we consider that the Romans already knew these mountains as the “Monte Solarius”. This roman name was maintained in visigothic times as “Solorio” and in Islamic times, where it was known as “Jabal Sulayr”. It is in Islamic times when it was started to be refered as a snowy mountain, which eventually led to the current name.


Sierra Nevada mountains are the highest peaks of the Iberian Peninsula. The highest one is the Mulhacén peak with 3.482m. However, it is more recognizable in the profile of the mountain range the impressive peak Veleta with 3393m of height. What to do in Granada for seeing this peak? Simply take a look from the city to the East, you will always find this impressive mountain rising above the hills of Granada (¡and sometimes over the Alhambra!). In addition to these peaks we can find other points of great height and importance, such as the hill of the Machos or El Caballo, both above 3000 meters high.


Granada is the birthplace of lots of oral legends, but it goes far beyond the limits of the Alhambra and its contours. Among these legends there’s one we will mention that is known as “the Devil’s Broom”. This legend says that once upon a time the daughter of a rich man of the Alpujarra was promised to a lieutenant. This lord was rich, but totally despotic and also she was secretly in love with a shepherd.

One day the lovers decided to escape and on the way to meet his beloved, the shepherd the devil appeared. The devil wanted to help him, so he offered a magic broom that swept the snow by its own, magically. During their escape they were persecuted, but when they arrived at the Alcazaba peak, the broom began to sweep alone, so the persecutors were buryed. In fact it is said that the avalanches that still happen are caused by this same broom!

Still don’t know what to do in Granada, in the Sierra Nevada mountains? Definitely walk along the trails of this mountain range, visit to the wonderful villages of the Alpujarra or spend the afternoon skiing. You can choose!

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