Alhambra tours. How to plan your trip.

The Alhambra is one of the most popular monuments in Spain, surpassing two and a half million visitors every year. However, Visiting the Alhambra properly requires planning or otherwise we can find enormous problems, such as not having tickets for the dates we need or even getting lost in the immense monumental complex. Here are some recommendations so you can find tickets for doing the best alhambra tours.


The Alhambra always runs out of tickets! That is why if you want to visit it and make sure you get tickets at the times you prefer, it’s much better to plan your Alhambra tours in advance. In low season we recommend to buy tickets a month before, and in high season one month and a half, or two. However, if you do not have time preferences you can plan your visit even a couple of weeks or a month in advance, depending on the season. But always think that the sooner the better!


If you look in your browser for “alhambra tickets” you will find that buyiung the tickets for the Alhambra is a bit more difficult than what it seems. The positioning in Google of the official page of the Alhambra is not excessively good and for that reason the first results are mainly pages of agencies that offer a the typical three hour group-tour.

The official webpage for buying the tickets is and its price is 14’85 € (taxes included) per person for general admission ticket.

There are different kind of tickets depending on your preferences when choosing your Alhambra tours: You can visit  the Nasrid palaces, visit the Alcazaba and the gardens (without Nasrid palaces). The entrance of Nasrid palaces is the one that allows you to see the whole city (and these are always the first to be bought).

Generalife Palace

And can you visit the Alhambra even if it runs out of tickets? Of course! Although you can not visit the Nasrid palaces,other things such as Calle Real, the Polinario bath, the Carlos V Palace with its museums and the Puerta de la Justicia or del Vino do not need a ticket.
However, if you prefer to buy the tickets physically you can go to the ticket offices of the Alhambra, on the east side of the monumental complex.


Once you buy the tickets that give access to the Nasrid palaces, you will notice that they come with a certain schedule. This schedule tells you the time at which you have to be at the entrance of the Nasrid palaces. Remember: it is very important to arrive on time! So, due to the affluence of public it is impossible to access outside the established schedule or change the entrance. But there are more places to see in the Alhambra, you can enter the Alcazaba, the gardens of the Partal or the Generalife whenever you want during that day.


The palatine city of the Alhambra is a enormous space that requires an intense and calm analysis to understand it completely. We recommend you to do your Alhambra tours with one of our specialist guides, who are masters or Ph. doctors and who will make your visit a didactic and rigurous tour where you will not have to worry about anything. In addition, we offer taylor made plans with visits to the Alhambra from 4 hours to full day. That way, visiting the Alhambra becomes a unique experience.

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The Alhambra

We hope these tips have been helpful and we hope to see you soon in Granada!

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