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Hello! My name is Blanca, an architect and guide. I founded Masquetours to offer the most inquisitive travellers different tours, without any hurry to appreciate every space and detail. I am an architect specialized in Heritage, city and Andalusian architecture. My concept of a guided tour goes beyond mere information: it is an experience of knowledge of the place, an authentic immersion in Andalusian towns and villages.

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I have designed some standard tour which are the most popular ones. But if you are interested in a specific period, a neighbourhood or a building, let me know and I can design an exclusive itinerary for you. I encourage you to request a customized one.

  • Fotografía de una maqueta de la Alhambra. Tour de la Alhambra

    The Alhambra with a local architect

    My family still lives inside the Alhambra since the 19th century. How can that be? The Alhambra is more than a palace: it was built in the 13th century as an independent city of Granada with a productive agricultural territory and it is still inhabited today. Do you want to know all its secrets?

  • The Albaicín with an architect

    Granada is a city built on hills, the oldest is the Albaicín one. From the highest point of the city we visit this emblematic neighbourhood, getting to know every corner traced by the water, its labyrinthine streets and its peculiar architecture. We finish at the Bañuelo, an 11th century hammam.

  • Nature walk in the Alhambra territory

    The Alhambra is not a palace, it was built as an independent city from Granada with its own agriculture area of 500 hectares (1. 235 acres). An old territory full of archaeological remains of country palaces, orchards and hidraulic systems. Do you want to discover the other side of the Alhambra?

  • The Christian Granada after 1492

    Granada was taken in 1492 by the Catholic Monarchs, with a new government, different customs and a different way of life which required the town to be adapted. There were different urban strategies which are the basis of the centre of Granada today. Don’t you want know them?

  • Masquetours Blanca Espigares. Tour de Cordoba

    Millenary Cordoba with an architect

    With a Roman, Byzantine and Visigoth past, Cordoba was the most important city of al-Andalus until the 11th century. It has an important cultural legacy and a very interesting architecture. The Guadalquivir river has determined its urban landscape. Would you like to know its history and evolution?

  • Masquetours. Blanca Espigas. Tour Sevilla

    Endless Seville

    A historic city built on the banks of the Guadalquivir, it was the main port of Spain and Europe during the 16th century and the site of two universal expositions. Seville has one of the largest old quarters on the continent and a rich heritage to visit.

  • Masquetours. Blanca Espiga. Elige tu propio tour

    Prepare your trip to Andalusia

    40 minutes of consultancy to go over any doubts you may have about how to visit Andalusia, where to stay, how many days, what to see, what is alternative or different from the usual, where to eat, what to visit and how. We will answer all your questions in these 40 minutes.

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