What to see in Cordoba

In the upper area of ​​the Guadalquivir riverbed we can find Córdoba, a city with more than two thousand and one hundred years of history where its multiple layers are shown to the visitor. If you are coming to spend a few days in the streets of this wonderful city and you wonder what to see in Cordoba, from Masquetours we recommend the main visual delights that will make you remember this city forever.


Colours inside the chapel of Villaviciosa ©Schnobby

The mosque-cathedral of Cordoba is one of the wonders of the world for many reasons, from its history, to its size or to its impressive and practical structure. But it is the light the one that takes central stage in this monument. Whether in the bright and colorful Patio de los Naranjos, or in the metallic reflections of the tesserae in the dome over the Mihrab, appreciating the variations of light inside this building it is always worth it. Because the question what to see in Cordoba always needs a visit to the mosque, unfailingly.


Every sunset is in itself a world but the one in Cordoba is specially magical. Here, enjoying the sunset has to include the wonderful view of the Guadalquivir River, with its fauna and flora. It’s specially interesting the view of the Roman bridge with the Mosque rising behind it. But that’s what we will see if we look from the shore of the Miraflores park. If our point of view is in Ronda de Isasa or Avenida del Alcázar, we will see the tower of the Calahorra and the Campo de la Verdad neighborhood, existing since the Arab era.


To find out what to see in Córdoba in terms of painting, we have to visit the Julio Romero de Torres museum, in the central Plaza del Potro, known for its wonderful fountain. This museum houses the painter’s work in its rooms since 1931. Without a doubt among his paintings, which are know by it’s symbolism and that have deep roots into Andalusian regionalism, the best one is the portrait of Estrellita Castro, known as “La Chiquita Piconera”. This painting has become one of the best known symbols of Cordoba.


A patio of Córdoba

Cordoba is also the capital of flowers. From the magic of the patios planted with hundreds of pots (and about which we will talk in future posts in depth) to the gigantic bougainvilleas that appear and spill over the walls, it is worth going through the white streets of Córdoba. And if you are asking yourself what to see in Cordoba and you love plants, there are two essential gardens: the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos and the Palacio de Viana.

And there are many more thing than what we can write, so we invite you to discover and see Córdoba with your own eyes through a guided tour. As it is said: a picture is worth a thousand words!

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