What to do in Seville

Seville always impresses the visitor, among many other things because it is the largest city in Andalusia, which makes the question “what to do in Seville”, a broad concept. This post will give you some ideas, the basics that someone who visits for first time has to do here.

Go, walk, climb, wander, pedal … just move around!

As many cities in the south of the Iberian peninsula life is done mainly on the street, as we said about Granada in one of our previous posts. Seville is a city that has wonderful connections: an efficient public transport, a center just for pedestrians and a huge number of bike lanes. So, what to do in Seville? First of all, not worrying about transport. Although if you want to get an idea of ​​the size of the city, go up high! We recommend you to take the Metropol Parasol walkway to have a panoramic view of the city. Although our preferred option is to climb the 98 meters of the most significant building in Seville: the Giralda. And when you go down, dive in the atmosphere of the different neighborhoods, Arenal, Macarena, Santa Cruz or Triana.You will discover different ways of life inside each one.

Enjoy the gastronomy

Seville is a city with a gastronomy of an overwhelming quality. Visiting the tavern, the restaurant or the bar is something compulsory when you ask yourself what to do in Seville. Although tapas do not abound as in other places in Andalusia, there are places where food or drink is not the only special thing, also how to consume it is amazing. For example, in Antigua Bodeguita or the Soportales, you can consume your drink and your food on the staircase of the Salvador church, on the other side of the square (but remember ALWAYS to keep the stair clean). Another very special place is Alvaro Peregil’s tavern, with a traditional recipe of orange wine and an intimate and pleasant atmosphere where you can always make a brief stop.

In Masquetours we complete our routes with gastronomic recommendations adapted to all preferences, so you won’t get lost when you consider what to do in Seville for stopping your hungriness.

Open your eyes

Seville is a city with a magnificent heritage: its urban palatine architecture, with the Pilatos house or the Alcázar. With churches as San Luis de los Franceses or Santa María la Blanca. With amazing medieval hospitals. But … what to do in Seville if you have already enjoyed all these spaces? You should take your time inside them because many of these house important pictorial works. Seville has the second largest gallery in Spain: the Museum of Fine Arts, where you can see works by Murillo, Zurbarán inside the old Merced monastery. But not all paintings are here, in hospitals and palaces we can find more of these works by Valdés Leal, or Ribera, among others.

And it does not end here! Little by little we will write about all the spots of this city. However, if you can not wait, visit it with us and find out what to do in Seville from our hand.


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