What to do in Granada

It is generally well known that Granada is crowded of heritage jewels: of Nasrid art, of Mudejar art, of Renaissance, of Romanticism … These buildings and spaces are the interaction center of the inhabitants of the city, where native and outsiders, make the urban life of the city arise, the greatest of all the gems of Granada. Each neighborhood manifests its own personality through its architecture and its inhabitants, making such simple question as “what to do in Granada”, to become something fascinating, where practically all the answers and choices are right.

Walking around Granada

The first thing, when you ask yourself what to do in Granada. You have to go out for walk without hesitation! This, as a city of the south of the iberian peninsula and of the Mediterranean environment, makes street activity the place where life emerges. The neighborhood of Realejo, the Center or the Albaicín among others have a very characteristic and different personalities that we invite you to discover. But if you only had time to walk to a place in Granada, your steps should lead you to the Sabika to visit the city of the Alhambra.

Tapas in Granada

Almost as a second imperative. and that is appreciated especially after a good walk, you should feed yourself and replenish your strength. In Granada, to eat, it is usual to “go for tapas”. In Masquetours we offer you a huge amount of recommendations to know what to do in Granada at lunchtime, based on our own personal experience where you can taste the best tapas and visit the most characteristic restaurants and bars of the city.

Knowledge and culture in Granada

García Lorca Center ©Manu Barba

And what to do in Granada once you have a full stomach? Granada is not only a place to walk and to eat, It is also a historical reference for the poets, painters and artists that had live in the city. It is the perfect excuse to know some of the museums to which this artists give their name, such as the Federico García Lorca Center or the José Guerrero Museum. There are also many events throughout the year, such as concerts, theaters or conferences at Corral del Carbón, Casa de los Tiros, Corrala de Santiago, or La Madraza, among many other places.

All this cultural life that is fed by the inhabitants of the city, and shared with the visitors is the one that makes Granada one of the most atractive cities of Andalusia.

Still don’t know what to do in Granada? Take a walk, enjoy the gastronomy and the spectacles and exhibitions. And specially, welcome to Granada!

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